About Me

Culinary Consultant & Teacher

Roy Hazboun

How it all began!
My journey started when I was only 13 years old.
As a Lebanese kid, I had to get a job at a very young age in order to afford finishing my education.
Legally, kids are not allowed to work. Only a few places sneaked kids to work for them. I was one of them. I got a job at a restaurant as a waiter and kitchen staff at the same time.
It took me barely 2 months to fall in love with the kitchen!
At 13, my very first kitchen was International and the variety caught my interest. To me, the kitchen seemed very challenging. I loved everything about it and was extremely curious to learn everything I need to become a chef.
At the age of 16, I had to work for free at 12 different places to build my career information & expertise.
These places included a variety of restaurants (Chinese, Italian, French, Lebanese …) and butchery.
By the age of 18, I was fully ready to become a chef.
I travelled to Dubai, Kuwait, KSA… where I worked as a chef consultant and added my creative touch to their kitchens. I had many restaurant openings in Lebanon and abroad.
To me food is Art, and Art is always evolving. This means, you can never stop learning. And that’s the beauty of it!

Passion & Beyond

It is my passion to create unique recipes, innovating ideas, mixing ingredients from different cuisines. I always tend to keep my creations tempting and tasty. What I don’t like is repeating my dishes or copying existing dishes. Thus, all my dishes are new recipe creations.

TV Shows

I love to spread my cooking experience and my new techniques.
TV shows are the best way to spread my ideas worldwide.
In 2016, I was the guest of MTV Alive cooking TV show for 4 episodes, where I cooked Italian food.
In 2021, I filmed 30 episodes of my own cooking show عالموقدة (Aal Mawkadeh). They are currently streaming on several TV channels in Europe and the Middle East. In this show I created traditional Middle Eastern dishes with a twist.
And I’ve tought cooking techniques from 2014 till 2016 at Shareq.


My vision is to introduce the Middle Eastern cuisine to the World