About Me

Culinary Consultant & Teacher

Roy Hazboun

My journey in the culinary world began at the young age of 13, when I, as a Lebanese teenager, had to obtain a job to finance my education. Despite child labor laws, a select few establishments employed underage workers, and I was fortunate enough to secure a position at a restaurant as a waiter and kitchen staff member. It was only a matter of two months before I fell in love with the kitchen; the international variety of dishes and the challenges they presented piqued my curiosity and ignited a passion within me to learn everything there was to know about the culinary arts. At the age of 16, I had to intern in over 10 different establishments in order to acquire my skills and expertise. At 18, I was fully equipped to embark on my career as a chef. Over the years, I have traveled to Dubai, Kuwait, and KSA, where I worked as a consultant to restaurants and added my creative touch to their kitchens. I have also overseen the opening of numerous restaurants in Lebanon and abroad. For me, food is an art form that is constantly evolving, which means that the learning process never stops. And that’s what makes it so beautiful.


It is our passion to craft distinctive recipes through innovation and experimentation, skillfully blending ingredients from diverse culinary traditions. Our goal is to always ensure that our creations are both alluring and flavorful. We take pride in avoiding the repetition of dishes or the imitation of existing recipes, and thus strive to develop entirely novel culinary offerings for my clients.

TV Shows

I love to spread my cooking experience and my new techniques.
TV shows are the best way to spread my ideas worldwide.
In 2016, I was the guest of MTV Alive cooking TV show for 4 episodes, where I cooked Italian food.
In 2021, I filmed 30 episodes of my own cooking show عالموقدة (Aal Mawkadeh). They are currently streaming on several TV channels in Europe and the Middle East. In this show I created traditional Middle Eastern dishes with a twist.
And I’ve tought cooking techniques from 2014 till 2016 at Shareq.


My vision is to introduce the Middle Eastern cuisine to the World