Consultancy Services

Develop & create concepts

To be distinctive in the F&B industry, the restaurants or hotels should have their menus signature and have a good profitabilty to keep the restaurant going. We develop your ideas to make it unique and create new concepts for your operations, as well we re-construct your menus to give the guest a memorable culinary journey.

Area of expertise

• Creating and developing menus and recipes
• Designing and planning kitchen layout
• Food designing for photo and video shoots
• Developing and standardizing recipe card manuals instead
• Creating, evaluating, and/or optimizing menu engineering & recipe costing
• Selecting kitchen equipment, tools, and chinaware
• Training all levels of kitchen team
• Creating or optimizing the workflow in/between all the operations
Customer feedback


I never expected that what started as a random encounter, would turn out to be a pleasurable adventure.
Chef Roy knows his way around the kitchen no question about that;
But what’s more important, is the vibe he spreads in the process, that targets shall be met;
And the exceptional effort to embrace your thoughts and worries, and turn them into game changing tools.

Shinto Sushi House

Joud Feghaly - Managing Partner

Chef Roy is a very creative chef hard worker, he is always willing to support and create new ideas for his plates.

Quick meal group

Wissam Jarrah - General Manager

Roy is a wonderful cook he is very organized in the kitchen and has the ultimate taste of food
The chef he teached in the kitchen was really happy to learn from him and was as good as he is ! We had a wonderful product!

Ganbei Restaurant

Mira Abi Chacra - Owner

Working with Chef Roy is a pleasure, he is a mix of professional , inspirer and a leader, he give it all it takes to deliver the utmost results, he accept feedback and he works on it and take it into consideration, we have created with him a new menu for Cadmus restaurant which have been embraced by the market he worked on the cost, taste , unique presentation creating our own food identity, more projects to come with Chef Roy and I strongly recommend him with rating of 5 out 5

Grillo LTD – Owning company of Cadmus Resto Cafe , Agenor and Cleopatra wedding venue

Grillo LTD

Dori Saleh - CEO

Roy is a passionate and self motivated chef. His commitment to creating mouthwatering food is present in the way he curated and upgraded our menu. Creativity and innovation were synonym to his work, which brought uniqueness in quality, taste and presentation.

Set Zmorroud

Jihad Al Houwayek - Managing Partner - The dining house